The Zero Carbon Resort is is a 4-year project meant to trigger a switch from fossil fuel to the use of renewable energy sources at the SME companies in the tourism industry such as hotels, resorts and restaurants located in the area of Palawan.  Especially with the use of solar energy and the introduction of green technologies, the carbon footprint of the tourism industry will be reduced.

The project is funded by the European Union´s SWITCH Asia program to promote sustainable consumption and production. It is implemented by the following partners:

GrAT- Gruppe zur Förderung der Angepassten Technologie  (Center for Appropriate Technology)

PhilGBC-  Philippine Green Building Council

PCSD- Palawan Council for Sustainable Development

CIEMAT- Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas

ASSIST- Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation


Project Objectives

Overall objectives:

· Reduced Carbon Footprint of the tourism industry by increasing energy efficiency and switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy resources
· Stimulating local economy by producing and using renewable materials and low carbon technologies for buildings and appliances
· Reducing emissions and pollution in urban and remote, environmentally sensitive areas
· Decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, slowing down climate change,
· Rising availability of energy services in urban and remote areas

Specific Objective:

To enable SME companies in the tourism industry such as resorts, especially in Palawan area, to provide their services in an energy efficient, cost effective and sustainable way by making use of locally available, CO2 neutral resources and green technologies.


The main activities include:

  • Baseline analysis of Tourism SMEs in Palawan and implementation of solutions for energy consumption reduction
  • Capacity building for Tourism SME owners and trainees
  • Optimization and implementation of green technologies
  • Redesign and realization of the Zero Carbon showcase
  • Policy and guideline development and implementation
  • Implementation of multiplier approach and outreach strategies